Holiday & Accommodation

Bed + Bike

Life feels bigger on your bike – Panorama routes in east and west

On your Bed+Bike holiday, we can ensure you that all your accomodation has the following facilities:

  1. secure storage for bikes
  2. possible to dry clothes and equipment
  3. most important tools for repairing/maintaining your bike
  4. If your bike is badly damaged please visit the local bike shop
  5. maps (schedules for train and bus)
  6.  mulighed for sund morgenmad
  7. possible to eat a healthy breakfast
  8. minimum stay is 1 night

See video HER

Important rules to remember before you go on a biking holiday are found HERE

Panorama routes in western Denmark can be found HERE
See “Den Kongelige Marskrute (41 km) og Kommandøren and Kaskelotten onRømø (31 km)”