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Tonder Christmas Town

Christmas in Tonder


The 763 year old town with the uneven streets and interesting house are a unique setting for Christmas in Tønder. This is also why the town was named “Christmas Town of the Year” in 1993. The year after was followed with the first Christmas market in scandinavian style.

The whole town is decorated with Christmas decoration and it’s just made more beautiful by the nicest Christmas lighting in Denmark. The city centre will again be filled up with small Christmas cottages where you can buy delicious specialties, that belong to Christmas. There will also be many activities for both children and adults.

The Christmas town in Tønder has created and achieved it’s own brand. “Christmas starts in Tønder” we usually say, with the yearly Santa run in the beginning of November. After this the Christmas market opens, Santa walks down the street and a flying Santa will be shown on the roof.

In “Det gamle Apotek”from 1671 you can experience a breathtaking Christmas atmosphere on 1200 m2. You can also visit Santas office and get you Christmas post signed på Santa.

Santa will also read stories in his sleigh on the roof. This happens every Thursday and Friday at 15.30 and every Saturday and Sunday at 14.00 & 16.00.

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