Spring Fair

Spring Fair

This years spring fair will be held in the last weekend in February, the 24th, 25th and 26th.

It is Tønder Handelstandsforening, Tønder Håndværkerforening and Tønder Sport- og Fritidscenter who are hosting the spring fair in 2017. See more HERE

If you have any questions or if you want further information please feel free to contact the spring fair board, that consists of the following members;

– Lars Paulsen mail: lp@skiver.as tlf. 21710274
– Per Lundgård mail: per@lundgaardaps.dk tlf. 20121269
– Pia Sørensen mail: pso@ugeavisen.dk tlf. 21436891
– Jørn Skov mail: djskov@bbsyd.dk tlf. 21260880
– Kurt Bucka mail: kb@jejsingbyg.dk tlf. 40361024
– Jane Olesen mail: jane.b.olesen@gmail.com tlf. 30616140

Booking to Claus Beck at clabec@toender.dk or contact the spring fair board. Please keep in mind that there only is a limited amount af spaces available.
Tønder Spring Fair 2017.