Artificial Turf in Tonder

Artificial Turf in Tonder

TSF Football and TSFC is planning on establishing artificial turf in Tønder.
TSF football will be using it for training during the winter period and TSFC will be using it for training camps for teams from both Denmark and outside the country.
A group of people from Tønder has started a crowd-fund so that the artificial turf can be realized. Some of the ideas are the following;
– m2 of the artificial turf sold to private and sponsors
– perimeter advertising
– applications for funds
– lottery
– sponsor run with TSF
The group has collected 1,2 mil. DKK until now.
Tønder Kommune is giving 2x500k DKK in support.
This means that about 50% has been collected, but we still need 1,8 mil. DKK for realizing the project.

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TSFC hopes to establish the artificial turf in 2017. This will give better training facilities to both local clubs and to our visitors on training camps. This would increase the revenue and that means that TSFC constantly can improve its facilities.

From the 25th of November 2016 until the 26th of February 2017 there will be held a huge lottery together with FC Sydvest where the main prize is a brand new Volkswagen UP.

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We kindly request everyone to support this project!

The artificial turf selection consists of:
– Claus Beck, director/CEO TSFC
– Gunnar Jordt, secretary TSF-Football
– Hans Pilegaard, former chairman FC Sydvest Tønder
– Lars Thomsen, Principal Balle Kursus & Læring