Aktiviteter i Svømmehallen

AQUA Fitness

For everyone that wants to train efficient and gently. Training in water is good for your body parts and gives your training more resistance. You choose the intensity all by yourself.

AQUA Fitness is for pregnant, obese, trained and beginners.

Stamina and strength is being trained, and of course with good music and rhythm. Training exercises can be individual and in cooperation with others, where the main focus is on your body and strength. The exercises are in both deep and low water.


Aqua HIIT is like CrossFit – training all muscles in your body in a fun way. Like in Aqua Fitness the exercises are both in deep and low water, but also at the edge of the pool.


AQUA BIKE is something new in Denmark. You ride a bike which is placed in the low end of the pool. You go through different positions and exercises for upper-body strength. All this is controlled by an instructor.